Preparing for Marriage: At Christ Church look forward to helping you celebrate your marriage. Your wedding is a focal point for so much: your past; your present relationship; and your hopes for the future. It is also a religious event, often called a sacrament, for it is the outward expression of God’s gift of love you have encountered in your relationship. In the public event of a wedding you will make a lifetime commitment to another person in the presence of God, of friends and family.

In order to help you prepare for your life as husband and wife, marriage preparation at Christ Church follows a few steps.

What is involved in being married at Christ Church?

When you first inquire about a wedding day, we will reserve a date for you, but this won’t be confirmed until after your initial interview with the clergy.  We will invite you to come to a Sunday morning service and to speak with either Rev. Sue or Rev. Nick after the service.

The Anglican Church requires 60 days’ notice prior to any wedding and several months’ notice is recommended.  We try not to book weddings during Lent, Holy Week and the week before Christmas.

An initial interview will then be arranged with the clergy. The purpose of this interview is to discuss your hopes for your wedding and to decide whether a wedding at Christ Church will be a good fit for everyone.

You will be asked to attend a marriage preparation course  which is designed to help you consider various aspects of married life. These include:  finances, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. This course or its equivalent, is a requirement for marriage in the Anglican Church of Canada.

If you have been previously married to someone who is still living, your clergy advisor will ask to see a copy of your final divorce decree.  Church policy requires that the proposed date for your wedding is at least one full year after the issue of the final Certificate of Divorce.

A rehearsal will be scheduled in the church a day or so prior to your wedding for you and the wedding party to go over the details of the service.  We ask that you bring your marriage license, church donation and fees with you to the rehearsal.

Finally, the day will arrive and we will pray and sing and celebrate your love and commitments to one another and to God. May your wedding day be a joyful one and your life together be filled with blessing.


And What About?

PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEO  We ask that photography by guests be restricted to the processions before and after the service and at the signing of the register. Our very own, Funmi & Adrian  can offer their services, if you wish!

We are Funmi and Adrian, Edmonton wedding, portrait, & event Photographers. Vibrant, contemporary images and professional service are our jam!

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WEDDING CONSULTANTS Some people have found that professional wedding consultants are necessary for them to make decisions about various aspects of the wedding.  If you plan to use such a person, please note that there is no role for them in connection with the wedding service at the church.  All aspects of the liturgy are under the sole direction of the priest.

FEES: Please email the office:

Please see our CC-Rental-Application-2017 for hall and kitchen rental fees.