Tuesdays in Lent

Tuesdays in Lent:

 Worship and Study with the Gospel of Mark 

Come out on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for a service of worship and reflection on Mark’s gospel. We will look at themes of fasting and feasting, teaching and healing, identity, and the final week of the life of Christ. Our prayers will be have elements of reflection, conversation and silence.  


Week 1: 1-3
Called to fast and feast
  • What does follow me” mean in your life? 
Week 2: 4-6
Teaching and Healing
  • Which parable or miracle most informs your faith journey?
Week 3: 7-10
Who do you say I am?
Week 4: 11-13
Entering Jerusalem
Week 5: 14-16
The Passion of Christ 
Questions for each week:
As you read these chapters what (or who) do you feel led to pray for? For yourself, for the world and for the church.
As you read these chapters are you convicted of something that draws you away from Christ? Are you compelled to do something that would draw you to him?


Bring an inquiring mind and your Bible!