Advent Reflections

Peace be With You

Isaiah 2:1-5
Psalm 122
Matthew 8:5-13

Everly and Jude love sharing the peace! Shaking hands and saying “Peace be with you” is their favourite thing to do at church. They could do it all day and dance around with every person in the church, friend or stranger, young or old. There really are no barriers. It is a wonderful moment, beautiful to see and perhaps a glimpse of peace.

I wonder though how much of that kind of peace moves out of that Sunday morning experience into real day to day life. Do we know and share peace outside a polite smile, or is that enough? Is there a way to let that feeling of inner peace and peacefulness and connectedness with others to become part of what is done at home while being frustrated by the kids or while being out and challenged by interactions at work or throughout the day. For the sake of myself, for one another and for God’s sake I say “Peace be with you”.

Perhaps advent is a good time to be challenged to know something of God’s peace in our midst.

Stephanie & Nick Trussell

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  1. A friend, not a regular church-goer, attended a Christmas Eve service and sat behind a couple with a very active toddler. The little one wiggled, giggled,sang and generally caused a commotion while Denise got annoyed and angry and tense. Finally he climbed into his mother’s lap, looked over her shoulder at Denise, put out his hand and said “peace”. She said “I just melted and the whole atmosphere of the evening changed for me in that moment!”
    Truly, God’s peace passes all understanding.

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