The Christ Church community dinner ministry continues to serve a warm and nutritious meal to over 100 people each month. Early on a Saturday morning volunteers begin to arrive to peel, chop, cut, stir and dice. Amidst laughter and good conversation the meal is prepared. Later in the day others arrive to set tables, make the salad, set out the plates and get the dishwasher warmed up. Around 3:30pm our guests begin to arrive for a cup of coffee, a cookie and conversation. At 5pm the meal is ready and a new crew comes to dish up the food, clear the dishes and wash up. Each month roughly 130 plates are dished up and over 35 volunteers have come through the doors of the church to help out.

“My philosophy has always been Christ Church is my church home, and I invite guests into my church home for a meal, at a nice table, and a time of friendship. All guests are treated with dignity and respect as they would be in my own home.”

—Sheila Moorey, Community Dinner Coordinator