Christ Church takes seriously the call of the gospel to love our neighbours, to breaks bonds of oppression and to thirst after justice and mercy for all. Our commitment to social justice takes a variety of shapes throughout the year, through Social Justice Action Team (SJAT) , Community DinnersRefugee Sponsorship, and Community BBQ’s.

Jesus’ last words to his disciples were that they would take the transforming message of the gospel and share it. Our Story of faith, worship and community shapes our lives, commitments and priorities and strengthens us as we respond to the world around us.Members of the Christ Church community live out their faith in a variety of ways.

— Board Member of Edmonton’s E4C Organization

— Board Member at The Canterbury Foundation

— Volunteer at the Cross Cancer Institute

— Volunteer with the 25th Christ Church Scouting Organization

— Board Member for The Terra Centre for Teen Parents

— Habitat for Humanity building projects