“The decision to return is often made within five minutes of entering a church.”

Growing churches invite visitors and seekers to join them on a journey of faith. Paying careful attention to how visitors and those in the community view the church is important, as is creating a welcoming and friendly space each week. The task of the Newcomers Committee at Christ Church is to create and maintain such spaces of welcome, track visitors, make connections for those who would like to become more involved in the parish, and train the wider parish in the ministry of welcome and hospitality.

According to The Diocese of Toronto’s ‘Welcome’ resource, adult seekers tend to join churches when they experience:

  • Authenticity in the church and its leadership
  • Thoughtful follow-up
  •  A good theological ‘fit’
  • A high quality of worship
  • Programming that meets their needs (seniors or children’s programs, for example)
  • The possibility of significant friendships
  • Opportunity for a deeper spirituality