Stories from the Garden

On May 27th , a group of parishioners met to plant the garden for 2017. Doris Buryn is a veteran of many gardens – she was the Memorial Garden coordinator for 6 years and now contributes faithfully by planting and taking care of her plot, just to the east of the Memorial Cross. The garden is very dear to Doris. Her first husband Norm is buried there and Norm liked red geraniums – that plot is filled with red! Barb Norton is a rookie and as luck would have it, her plot is located next to Doris’s! Barb has friends in the Memorial Garden and she especially remembers Cheryl Nattrass. Margie King is a long-standing member of the Altar Guild at Christ Church and a regular contributor out in the Memorial
Garden. Her plot is to the east of the South Lych gate as you come in to the Garden. We thank Margie for her offerings to the Garden. Naomi Shopland is from the neighbourhood – she is an important member of the Gardening team. She comes over most nights with her dog Lexie, monitors the garden and waters if needed. On one of those occasions she met Conor Pilz (she was eying him up trying to decide if hewas up to so me mischief in the garden!) – she learned that he was not and that his Gran (Betty Wallace) is buried in the Memorial Garden. Conor regularly supplies the muscle required on planting day and has a growing knowledge of which plants work where in the garden. He is a Christ Church Sunday School and Youth Group alumnus. Naomi and Conor sometimes enjoy an evening beverage together in the garden during the summer. Kimberley Scott and Trish Manns are new gardening team members – they spent the morning working away and trying to figure out how this was all going to shake out in the summer! Other members of the Gardening Team, including Martha Watson, Linda and Bill McCulloch, Marjorie Anderson, and Emily Moen weren’t able to join us on May 27th but have been working away on their plots! Thanks for all your hard work!!

We’re always looking for more help, big and small. If you are interested in being part of the Gardening Team that keeps the Garden beautiful over the summer, please contact Trish Manns, Memorial Garden coordinator trishmanns at shaw dot ca.

Fast Facts About the Garden

  • The inaugural Memorial Garden committee of 4 parishioners worked for many years to bring the Memorial Garden to fruition. The Garden was built in the Summer of 1998 and dedicated on October 4th, 1998.
  • Over the years, the ashes of 86 parishioner’s have been interred in the Garden. The names of those interred are contained in two Memorial Garden books at the back of the Church.
  • The Garden is maintained by volunteers. Volunteers are assigned a plot which they plant in the spring and take care of over the summer. Even a Church garden doesn’t magically weed itself! We have 15 plots and 9 gardeners! Please consider helping out.
  • The Garden was nominated for ‘Communities in Bloom’ in 2013.